My Philosophy

We live in a world where customers now have a louder voice than the brands themselves. The best brands are rooted in fundamental truths that can connect their internal value system with the actual customer experience. When you can align these points into a cohesive brand narrative, your business will attract quality leads, create satisfied customers and retain happy employees.

My job is to help you discover and define those truths, craft that narrative, and deliver strategic content that connects you with your customer base. It’s about truth. It’s about transparency. It’s about showing the world the best parts of who you are.

What I Do

In short, I am a brand content creator and strategist. My core competency has always been centered around writing concise and powerful advertising copy, but my true strength is in my ability to be a jack-of-all-trades creative who can provide, and deliver on, a holistic vision for the project.

My Services

– Brand Research + Definition + Strategy
– Concepting + Copywriting + Creative Direction
– Social Content Creation + Strategy
– Audio/Video Direction + Production
– Interviewing (On and Off Camera)
– Audio/Video Editing + Mixing + Mastering